Thursday, February 28, 2008

my latest weaving

this is my latest weaving I'm most likely showing this for my senior exhibition. I love shrinking my weavings. love love love it!


This is my cakehat! I made this for costume last semester. I'm always thinking about food, i've got cake in the brainnnnn. ok yeah


heres some stuff i found in my studio! thats my wall of "luck" with all my embroidered handkerchiefs and then at the bottom are two weavings i made last semester definetly not my favorite.

Monday, February 25, 2008


These are really bad photos of my first silkscreen project for class but I thought i should put them up anyway. This was the second or third time i've ever silkscreened. I thought the bird were so cute that i would embroider beaks and eyelashes on them. I plan on making this a quilted blanket in the future.

new weavingg

I did this weaving at the end of last semester. I was experimenting with my dyeing process and the yarns I use. I don't usually use such thick thread but I really enjoyed the outcome.

Monday, February 18, 2008

random work

These are some pictures of the "three piece suit" performance. This was a collaboration between Jillian Coratti, Corinne Walsh and I. This was one of the most/wacky projects I have made during my mica experience.

Here is another weaving, I made this end of sophomore year. It is cotton and wool, dyed with natural dyes. It is 42 inches wide. Probably the most aggravating weaving I have ever made. But it was worth it.

the infamous octopussy

This was another costume from the fashion show. It was a transformative dress.

fashion show spring 2007

Here are some of the pieces from the MICA Fashion show. This line was created by me and Jillian Coratti.


This piece was woven and then shrunken.

Here are some of my first weavings I made. From end of sophomore year and beginning of junior year.

old stuff

This is the dress I made for the show.

This is the igloo Jill and I made together. This the Indigo Indugu show from junior year. This was a very very stressful show.

my nerd obsession

I made this during my sophomore year. It was one of the first garments I made at mica. Oh how i love nerds.